What kind of events do you play?

Well, besides the obvious Oktoberfest and Frühlingsfest, we will play anywhere there are good friends, good food, good beverage and good times. This ranges from concert venues to outdoor festivals, wedding receptions, private parties. You name, and we can help with the festivities.

What is your pricing?

Our basic pricing for the 5-piece group is $1000 for a local 3-hour gig. If your engagement is longer or shorter than that, please give us a call and we can talk.

What is your travel area?

We are located in the Upstate of South Carolina. We travel and perform extensively in North and South Carolina and Georgia. That being said, our “local” price as stated elsewhere on this page is $1000 for a 3-hour engagement. Local means, for the most part, anything within a 50 mile radius of Greenville, SC. The farther your venue is from that location, the higher the price will be.

How do I book The Steubenville Tootlers?

Drop us an email from the contact page, or give us a call at 864-915-3243. We will discuss your plans, hopefully, agree on a time, date and venue. Then we send a contract outlining all of this. You sign the contract and return a copy along with one half the agreed amount. The balance will be due at the gig.

What do I need to provide as the purchaser?

Well, not much. We are pretty much self-contained. We have a sound system and all other equipment. About the only items you will need to provide are a source of electrical power and a flat, sturdy area for us to set up. We need about 8’X10′ of flat, sturdy space. And, that space could be a raised stage area. Oh, and there will need to be a cover for the stage area in the event this is an outdoor venue. We do need easy access to the stage area from any designated parking area. One other thing, food and beverage would be greatly appreciated!